• Starter Pack OTC includes the application process fee and cost of card issuance with fulfilment.
  • Nominal price per card account.
  • Client is allowed to set resell price at own discretion.
  • Usually a low Monthly or Annual Fee is charged to cover for the administration and card cost.
  • ATM and POS charges follow the card issuer's combined standard price list.


  • Program setup fee depends on the different card programs. Needs to be agreed upon.
  • The price include MLM E-Commerce program setup fee plus card design approval.
  • Minimal MOQ is set by issuing bank, usually following a pilot if required.
  • The basic program solution often includes one primary prepaid or debit card account.
  • Max card balance limit depend on the card program setup and the card issuer (for example, UK issued card has a limit of USD $90,000.)