Why Commonwealth Financials is the right solution?

  • Our MLM e-commerce card programs offer control, access and convenience in-line with other bank and payment cards coupled with one and mobile wallet functionality.
  • With the convenience of millions of withdrawal locations through our payment network and payment portals, the user has access to immediate funds anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
  • The program solution has the unique benefits of a low barrier to entry, easy fund management with no overdraft.

Why our solution is right for you

  • Our solutions are designed to optimise your MLM business operations.
  • We offer a faster, more convenient and cleaner way of paying commissions to distributors.
  • Commissions are paid onto the MLM card that your members can use to pay for additional products.
  • Our MLM payment solution remove the need and cost of handling cash or cheques. Goodbye 20th Century payment methods! Hello 21st Century e-money card program solution.
  • You control and pay the commission whenever you want to, wherever you want to, however you want to.
  • Improves the welfare of the members.
  • Implements and manage the payment system free of charge and offers you control and security of payments, resources and cost.
  • Saves time and money through this automated distribution system.
  • Manages and controls the payments payments for your workforce.